August 18, 2023 Accessibility

Check out this tip to experience the poor interface design caused when e-learning designers keep default settings and do not take advantage of the accessibility tools. You’ll then experience the same course once the accessibility tools have been optimized. Lastly, Elkins outlines and models how to complete three of the biggest tasks required to set up your e-learning with a screen reader successfully.

Source: Toolbox Tip: Why You Should Optimize E-Learning For Screen Readers by By Diane Elkins,

We struggle with this at work with the tools we have available. Not all tools that can create online learning allow for things like accessible tagging of objects. We use Adobe Captivate which just.. can’t do much of what this video suggests…

So YES your e-learning should be accessible. Make sure the tools you use ALLOW you to do so. Don’t buy something that doesn’t support the Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines from the W3C.

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